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Overhauling engines

Overhauling engines

Mulder Motoren specialises in overhauling Volvo Penta diesel engines exclusively for pleasure cruising, commercial cruising and the industry.

Provided you maintain and inspect your Volvo Penta engine on a regular basis, rest assured that it will continue to run smoothly. Sooner or later however, depending on how it has been running and the number of working hours it has survived, your engine will undoubtedly need overhauling. Reconditioning an engine does not guarantee a certain life. Reconditioning your engine on time should however help prevent standstill and further damage. Having an official Volvo Penta dealer recondition your Volvo Penta engine means work is carried out according to the factory standards using original parts only. Also, service will be fully guaranteed.

We provide an extensive range of factory overhauled Volvo Penta exchange engines, long and short blocks.

Every old engine we receive is disassembled entirely, cleaned and inspected thoroughly. During the overhauling session we use nothing but original components and factory exchange parts.

A standard overhauling session consists of the following:

- full engine disassembly
- cleane all parts
- check/visually inspect parts and components for haircracks and damage
- check crankshaft; process if necessary
- check camshaft
- hone cylinders or replace loose cylinders
- renew pistons with springs and pin
- recondition and process cylinders / exchange cylinder head(s)
- recondition turbo compressor / exchange unit
- renew all bearings
- renew and tune atomizers to the right injection pressure / exchange atomizers
- recondition and tune fuel pump
- replace fuel lift pump
- recondition or renew lubricator pump, depending on engine type
-recondition or replace the entire circulation and outboard pump
- recondition or renew starter motor
- replace thermostats
- renew all filters and gaskets / seals
- assemble engine and components
- fill up engine with coolant
- after assembly and construction, test run and assemble new v-belts and hoses
- put engine into operation

Besides all this, Volvo Penta also offers complete basic engine overhaul kist, for more info go to our Overhaul kits page.