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Volvo Penta industrial engines

Volvo Penta industrial engines represent the perfect combination of sustainability and power. The modest weight, low fuel consumption, strong and reliable capacity and multitude of options make our engines perfectly suitable for various applications.

An industrial engine for each application

In the heavy construction industry, where continuity and power are key, our engines will guarantee the uptime of your business. In the logistics chain from warehouse to port area, our powerful and easy-to-maintain engines represent favourable fuel figures. But the short and busy harvest seasons in agriculture also require reliable performance – a diversity of needs that are fully met by our wide range of industrial engines.

Partnership for life

Working closely together with our customers is pivotal. We always strive to understand your specific needs and build a partnership that benefits your business. We will support you throughout the lifespan of your machine park.

We are already involved in the construction of the machine from the design phase. We provide installation instructions, guidance and final commissioning, as well as service and maintenance during the machine’s use period.

Exhaust gas emissions

In order to meet all local and regional legislation and to observe emission requirements, our engine range consists of solutions for multiple classes. We supply engines from Stage II to Stage V fully tailored to your needs, application area or local fuel quality anywhere in the world.

Reducing your carbon footprint

Complex or specific machines often last a long time due to major investments. Because of their extended service life, original engine emissions are often outdated. Replacing your engine and so significantly reducing emission levels is a wise thing to do. New-generation engines are usually more compact compared to original ones, so space is hardly ever an issue. We join hands with various companies to guarantee the availability and lifespan of your engine, to keep up to date and help you reduce your carbon footprint.

About Mulder Motoren

Mulder Motoren in Ridderkerk is an official Volvo Penta dealer. We provide Volvo Penta engines, Parts and Services for Marine Leisure, Marine Commercial as wel as the Industrial market. About Mulder Motoren.

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