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The drive belt transfers power to the engine’s electrical and cooling systems. A slipping drive belt results in decreased battery charging and reduced coolant circulation. Replacing a drive belt in good time before a break down occurs costs very little and is of vital importance to operational security.

Drive belts should be correctly tensioned so that there is no more than 5 – 10 mm play between the pulleys. It is also very important that the drive belt is not split or frayed. The rubber used in Volvo Penta original drive belts is unique. The belts have raw-cut open sides with rubber fibres arranged cross-wise. This gives both longitudinal pliability and laternal rigidity, qualities that result in better grip and precise seating in the pulleys.

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Mulder Motoren in Ridderkerk is an official Volvo Penta dealer. We provide Volvo Penta engines, Parts and Services for Marine Leisure, Marine Commercial as wel as the Industrial market.
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