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Propspeed antifouling, every boat enthusiast should known !

Published on 25 July 2022 in Bedrijfsvaart

Antifouling is something every boat enthusiast knows, but Propspeed antifouling is something every boat enthusiast should known !

Propspeed is the best performing antifouling in the marine industry, has been tested and tested worldwide for more than 21 years, and consistently delivers boat owners the best results in terms of boat performance, lower fuel and operating costs.

One of the most frequently asked questions in our showroom !

Q: Why should I start with all-blank metal when applying Propspeed ?

A: A unique feature of Propspeed is its adhesion and therefore its long-lasting effect. This strong and long-lasting adhesion to the metal is formed by mechanical and chemical bonding. Applying to an existing coating means that the Etching Primer cannot form this bond with the metal surface. Old Propspeed or other existing coatings must be removed completely before Propspeed is applied !

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