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Global ships & Industrial supplies

As the official Volvo Penta distributor we provide parts and engines for different customers. For instance, we specialise in supplying original Volvo Penta parts for seagoing vessels in every port across the world. At this we work closely together with professional transport companies and local ship suppliers. Providing the right parts, at the right place, at the right time and with the right documentation is exactly what has made Mulder Motoren BV such as a successful company.

International shipping

In addition to international shipping we also have the expertise to provide international clients across the globe with select products: industrial and marine engines, diesel engine components, generators, water pumps, outboard motors, exhaust systems and related products.  Also, we are within a stone’s throw to the Rotterdam port. Thanks to this outstanding infrastructure  we are perfectly capable of shipping products to any destination across the globe. At this we guarantee short delivery periods and reasonable transportation charges.

With this package of services we seek to service different international customers:

–          Marine suppliers
–          Defence, government institutions and non-governmental organisations
–          Offshore, oil, gas and mining industry
–          Humanitarian institutions
–          Tourist sector, such as safari accommodation in remote areas
–          Cruise companies.

About Mulder Motoren

Mulder Motoren in Ridderkerk is an official Volvo Penta dealer. We provide Volvo Penta engines, Parts and Services for Marine Leisure, Marine Commercial as wel as the Industrial market.
About Mulder Motoren.

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