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Our experienced and dedicated technicians have the right know-how to maintain your engine to perfection. Below is the work conducted during standard service sessions.


Standard service for marine diesel engines

- Change oil in engine and reverse clutch/drive
- Replace oil filter and fuel filter
- Check/renew/clean first filter of fuel/water separator
- Check flexible engine mountings
- Check and/or replace impeller
- Check and/or replace zinc anode(s)
- Check/clean cooling system
- Check valve clearance
- General check
- Test run and tune

Make a appointmet

If you wish to make an appointment to have your Volvo Penta engine maintained at a short notice, please contact our planning department, via support@muldermotoren.nl or by phone +31 180 415445, choose option 3. Besides, it is also possible to fill in our service contact form. Please forgive us the long waiting periods during the sailing season. We recommend maintenance in the early and late season.